Nabawi Islamic School Rawamangun


Alhamdulillahirabbilalamin we say to ALLAH SWT who gave us plenty of grace and  HIDAYAH to us. And also salawat dan salam to our prophet and his followers until the end of the time. Muhammad SAW, para sahabat dan para pengikutnya sampai akhir zaman.

Nabawi Islamic School established on March 2, 2013 is currently located at Jl. Cipinang Baru No. 3, Rawamangun, East Jakarta.  On 2014 Kindergarten and primary building will be separeted; Primary Building will locate at Jl. Sawo Raya No. 24, Kav 436, Rawamangun East Jakarta which consist of 6 floors. NIS is one of CV. SUNDORO’s Company. CV SUNDORO itself has property business and some educations. Education have been established since 2003 are LP3i and all PRIMAGAMA branches in east Jakarta. The reason why NIS built because founder wants to create young generation who love Islam in kaffah, where NIS create young hafizh and hafizho ( can memorize Al- Quran ).

NIS is a Modern Islamic School which applies the Quran and Hadist in daily life such as Dhuha prayer, read, memorize and apply the content of the hadist. “Making the school as means to achieve better life and makes provision for the life after death”. Al-Qur-an dan Hadist as well as guidelines in the school’s management. English is implemented as the first language of instructions in everyday conversation both in and outside of the classroom.

NIS is prioritizing the process of learning because NIS believes that children are unique, we treat them based on the uniques. So, no students will left behind.


NAME of SCHOOL : Nabawi Islamic School
FOUNDATION NAME : Matahati Nabawi Foundation
FOUNDATION NAME : Matahati Nabawi Foundation
FOUNDER : Wingky Waluyo
LEGAL No. : 06 (February 13 2013)
Primary : Jl. Sawo No. 24 Rawamangun
Kindergarten : Jl. Cipinang Baru No.3 Rawamangun
Primary Building
Land Area : 25m x 25m = 800m2
Kindergarten Building
Land Area : 20m x 20m = 400m2
ESTABLISH : March, 2 2013
Status : Own Building
Number of Students
Primary : 22 students
Kindergarten : 15 Students
? ICT support (Computer, Screen Projector, LCD and WIFI in all clasess)
? Mini Radio Room
? Indoor Hall
? Sport Hall
? Library
? Science Labolatory
? Project Room/Art Room
? Mosque
? Clinic
? Tahfizh room support by ICT
? Canteen
? School Bus
? Green Area
? Small Farm
? Private locker (bag and Books)


  • kiki says:


    saya mau nanya selain daerah rawamangun apakah ada sekolah NIS lagi di daerah kebayoran lama grogol utara


    • Admin Nabawi Islamic School says:

      wa’alaikum salam wr.wb.
      Mohon Maaf Untuk Daerah Kebayoran Lama Belum Ada.
      Next Time InsyaAlloh…

  • tasya says:


    Kapan waktu pendaftaran untuk thn ajaran 2014-2015, tk khususnya.


  • Dila says:

    Alhamdulillah, walau Nabawi baru berdiri namun hasil positifnya sudah mulai terlihat satu tahun terakhir ini….terutama dalam perkembangan rohani, mental dan fisik anak saya….semoga nanti di gedung yang baru akan lebih baik lagi…Semoga Sukses terus untuk NIS….tetap dalam konsep Happy, Religi, fun….
    terima kasih buat para pendidik dan pengajar NIS….

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